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TWO PROPHETS sholawat fuser SIN 80 YEARS

Sholawat above read as much as 80x after Asr prayers, on Friday, before the move from prayer. These include sholawat ma'tsurah sholawat. Namely, sholawat which is taught by the Prophet Muhammad SAW. So, it is good for all Muslims practiced. These words of the Prophet Muhammad on sholawat above:
"Those who carry out the Asr prayer on Friday. Then he bersholawat (to me) before rising from his seat (before switching seats)-with-this sholawat: ALLOHUMMA SHOLLI 'Alaa MUHAMMADININ NABIYYIL UMMIYYI WA' Alaa AALIHII SALLIM TASLIIMAA 80x WA. Allah will forgive the sins of the past 80 years. And, note for him, the reward of worship for 80 years. "So the Prophet Muhammad in the hadith narrated by Imam al-Bayhaqi. This hadith is written in our Irsyadul 'Ibad, chapters: Friday Prayer.
Sholawat above read as much as 80x on Friday. His time is up. Be morning, noon, afternoon, or evening. What matters including Friday. Therefore Muslims calendar, day, begins sundown. So, the day began Thursday Friday sunset until sunset Friday. These include sholawat ma'tsurah sholawat. Namely, sholawat which is taught by the Prophet Muhammad SAW. So, it is good for all Muslims practiced.
Sholawat history, the Prophet Muhammad, one day, said to his companions:"Whoever bersholawat to me on Friday as much as 80x. It will be forgiven their sins for 80 years. "Well, one friend said, 'O Allah's Apostle, how sholawat do you mean that? "Rasulullah SAW said: "Read: ALLOHUMMA SHOLLI 'Alaa MUHAMMADIN' ABDIKA WA-NABIYYIL ROSUULIKAN UMMIYYI. It reads one sitting. "
The Penyimak the blessed God. Please practiced two sholawat this. Both have a solid foundation for every Muslim practiced. Hopefully we guarantee to get into syafa'at Rasulillah SAW on useless possessions and objects, in which we are no longer able to rely on all our charity. Amin.

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Meaning Shalawat

A. Is understanding sholawat?Sholawat according to the meaning of the language is:'' prayer''According to the terms is:• sholawat Rosululloh SAW Allah SWT to be Rohmat and Glory (Rahmat Tadhim)• sholawat Kanjeng of angels to the Prophet of mercy petition and glory to God Almighty to Prophet Muhammad SAW Kanjeng Kanjeng while the addition of the Prophet of mercy and pardon requests• sholawat those who believe (man and jinn) is an application Rohmat and glory to God. to Kanjeng Prophet, such as:ALLOHUMMA SHOLLI 'Alaa Muhammad SAYYIDINAA2. Mention the basic reading sholawat!Basic reading sholawat to Kanjeng Prophet is:Word of Almighty Allah in the verse of Surat al-Ahzab. 56:This means that:'' Allah is with the angels always bersholawat to the Prophet. O ye who believe bersholawatlah you for the honor of the Prophet and say hi to him (the Prophet SAW.).3. How to read the law? explain!Sholawat read about the law, there are some opinions of the Ulama there is a compulsory summary Bil, mandatory one-time lifetime, those who think the Sunnah. Opinion of the most famous is the Sunnah mu'akkad but the reading at the end Tasyahhud sholawat end of the prayer is compulsory, by because it has become rukunnya prayers.4. In addition to streamlining our opinion on the position of the ruling clerics read sholawat above is more important is to realize that reading sholawat denan consequent to the Prophet Muhammad is a moral duty and obligation of conscience mind of each man the more we are the mu'minin, why!because due to:• We are commanded to read sholawat as the paragraph above.• we are all indebted to the Prophet Muhammad SAW Kanjeng countless3. Many and large, dhohiron wa wa batinan Syafa'atan Haqiqotan.Avail and manfa'at read sholawat back to the reading themselves, their families, communities and other creatures come to feel that reading sholawat.5. What is the purpose of reading and how adabnya sholawat?The purpose of reading is Ikraman sholawat, tadhiman wa Mahabbah to Kanjeng Prophet. In the reading we have to pay attention sholawat-adab adab sholawat in reading it.The adab adab-in reading sholawat include:• Intention sincerely pray to Allah SWT with no strings attached.• Tadhim and mahabbah to Rosululloh SAW.• His heart to Allah SWT and HUDHLUR ISTIHDLOR (felt like they were before Rosululloh SAW)• TAWADDU '(humble ourselves), once felt the need to help of Allah SWT, it took all Syafa'at Rosululloh SAW.Adab is the realization of SAW Rosululloh word, as follows:It means'' When you all read sholawat to KU then bagusilah reading your sholawat it. actually you all did not understand sekirannya it is shown to ME''6.Apakah Manfa'at and avail read sholawatManfa'at and avail read sholawat include:• Read sholawat one time, reply to Allah SWT and maghfiroh Rohmat ten times, ten times the read returned 100 X and a hundred times read sholawat recorded and guaranteed free of hypocrisy and free from hell, as well as classified by the Syuhadak.said:"Anyone who reads my sholawat to 10x, then the Almighty Allah replied to him sholawat 100x, and anyone who reads sholawat me 100x, then Allah SWT write in between the eyes;" munafzq d2ri free and free from hell ", and Allah SWT puts tomorrow on Yaumul Qiyamah with the Syuhadak ".• As a charity splendor, elimination of ugliness and a lift degrees sholawat the reader.. Rosulullooh SAW said"Yes, it has come to me a comer of my God then said: Whoever among your Ummah to read your sholawat one time, because reading it was Allah SWT sholawat write 10 good for him, and lift the 10 degree level, SWT dan.Alloh return commensurate with sholawat sholawat him that he read ".7. Humans are the most widely read sholawat, he was the main side Rosululloh SAW and the closest with him tomorrow in the day qiyamat Rosulullooh SAW said:"Surely the most important human side of me on the day of Qiyamah is that they are the most widely read Sholawatnya to Me"ROSULULLOH SAW said:'The most widely read among you all sholawatnya to me, he was the closest to the day I dt Qiyamat tomorrow. (FROM THE BOOK SA'ADATUD DAROINI HAL: 58).8. Sholawat function maghfiroh Istighfar and gain assurance from Allah SWT.ROSULULLOH SAW said:"See you all sholawat to Me, then surely sholawat reading to me was a sin and cleaning for all of you and whoever reads sholawat told me once, Allah SWT replied to him ten times (ABI HISTORY Ibn 'Asim, Anas bin 'MALIK)9. Sholawat is the guardian of prayer and gain the pleasure and cleansing our deeds.Allah said ROSULULLOH'Sholawat you all to me is the guardian for the prayers of you and get your keridloan God, and a cleaning deeds ye (DAELAMI HISTORY OF Sayyidina' Ali KAROMALLOOHU WAJHAH).• It is the key to unlocking her hijab prayer servant to Allah SWT and to guarantee them all the prayers had been answered.ROSULULLOH SAW said:"Any kind of prayer is veiled ~ (terhalangltertutup), so the beginning of praise to Allah 'Azza wa Jalla and sholawat the Prophet then prayed, the prayers that diijabahi". (T YA IMAM RIWA Nasa'i).• People who read sholawat 100 X every day, will be granted 100 maca, intent by Allah SWT, the 70 kinds to 30 kinds of interests danyang hereafter for the sake of the worldROSULULLOH SAW said:"Anyone who reads sholawat to Me every day 100 times, then Allah SWT bring in 100 kinds of his business, the 70 range for its interests in akhirot, and the 30 range for its interests in the world" * (issued by Jabir Ibn MUNDIR).• People who read sholawat 1000 X every day, will not die so that he sees his place in heaven.ROSULULLOH SAW said:'Anyone who reads sholawat to me every day a thousand times, he would not die so that he saw, his place in heaven ". (From Anas bin Malik).• The person who wrote sholawat pleaded for forgiveness by the AngelsROSULULLOH SAW said:"Anyone who writes sholawat to me in a book, then the Angels will not cease to ask for forgiveness for him while still in my name in the Book".• Reading sholawat to NUR on qiamatROSULULLOH SAW said:"Adorn the room where your meeting, with readings sholawat to Me, then surely all of you reading sholawat to me that menladi" NUR "Qyamat Day" (narrated from Anas bin Malik)• Reading sholawat able to wash the liver (mental operations).ROSULULLOH SAW said:'Everything is there a tool. washer and washer. The developer and the heart of a believer pembasuhnya melekatIsudah of dirt that has been corroded by reading sholawat to me -. (TUD SA'AADA DAROINI HAL: 511).• sholawat will unleash all the effort and eliminate all the difficulties faced life.ROSULULLOH SAW said:Any person who finds it hard / difficult to take something, then surely it will open sholawat difficulties and eliminate distress ". (H.R. THOBRONI ABI HUROIROH OF RAJ.10. Condemnation of those who do not read sholawatCondemnation of those who do not read sholawat include:• He will not see the face of The ProphetWord rosulullooh Saw:"It will not be able to see my face three kinds of people. one, those who rebel against his parents, number two, people who left (do not) my Sunnah, and three, those who do not, read sholawat to me when (hearing) I called the nearby (HADITS MARFU 'FROM' A'ishah ).• Not perfect religion.Word rosulullooh Saw:'He who does not read sholawat to me, it is not considered to be the perfect religion. " (RlWAYAT Ibn Ibn Hamdan OF Mas'udi).• He sebakhil-hunks including humans.Word rosulullooh Saw"Whoever (hear) I called on him and did not read sholawat to me, then he's sebakhil man-hunks" (HISTORY OF Asim Ibn ABI ABI-GHIFFARI DZARRIN AL).• He is not the type Rosululloh SAW.Word rosulullooh Saw"Whoever (hear) I called, nearby and do not read sholawat to Me, then he is not from my group and I also was not from her group. Then Rosululloh SAW continue his saying (in the form of prayer: Yaa Allah, pertemukanlah people who like to deal with me. And decide (relations) people who do not want to deal with I (narrated from Anas bin Malik).11. Explain Privileges read sholawat on Friday!
Privileged read sholawat on Friday afternoon or night Rosululloh SAW received directly by themselves."Expand sholawat read to me every day on Friday, then surely my ummah sholawat readings at each hariJumat was shown to me" (Narrated by Bayhaqi with a sanad from Abi Hasan Umamah)12. How the views of scholars about sholawat?Many views and opinions of the scholars of sholawat. There is the lift of qoidah-qoidah religious and some are based on beliefs and the influence of age and Dzauqiyah mukasyafah results from, among others:

a. Reading is the path to heaven sholawat said Abu Huroiroh RA.:
"Reading Kanjeng sholawat the Prophet is the pathway to heaven".

b. Sholawat reproduce a sign reading group / expert sunnah says Sayyidina 'Ali Zainul' Abidin bin Hussain bin 'Ali bin Abi Tholib Rodliyallohu anhum:
"Signs of the Sunnah is to multiply the reading experts to Kanjeng sholawat Sholialloohu Prophet 'alaihi wa sallam'.

c. The closest road to Allah SWT in the end times.
The closest road (leading) to Allah SWT at the end of the day, especially for people who dragged a lot of sins, is to multiply the reading sholawat seek forgiveness and to the Prophet Muhammad ". (From the Book of Sa` aadatud Daroini).

d. To clear up your heart and Marifat Billah.
"Truly read sholawat to Kanjeng Prophet's (may) illuminating the hearts and mewushulkan without a teacher to Allah SWT Essence is Aware of all things unseen" .. (Sa'aadatud Daroini Page: 36).

f. Sholawat can mewusulkan without a teacher.
"Overall, reading sholawat to the Prophet Muhammad's (may) to Allah SWT mewushulkan without a teacher. Therefore, the real teacher and Sanad in the sholawat it is Shoohibush sholawat (Ya'ni Rosululloh SAW), therefore it is disclosed to sholawat SAW and Allah SWT He replied (gave) to the reader sholawat sholawat. Unlike the other sholawat from a variety of dhikr that (should) have a teacher (murshid) Billah wise. If not, then satan would enter into the practice of dhikr that dhikr and those who can not benefit rather than dzikirnya ". (Also mentioned in this Daroini Saaadatud: 90).

g. Sholawat unanimously accepted by Allah SWT.
Sheikh said in a commentary Showi showinya:'And verily the scholars' have agreed that in fact the various charities that have received and rejected any exception to the Prophet SAW sholawat. Behold the prophet's sholawat "Maqbuulatun Qothl'an" (definitely acceptable) ". (Taqriibul Usul It: 5 7).

f. Adding a sense of love for Allah SWT wa Rosulihi SAW.
"Saying AI-Allamah Shamsuddin bin Jalaail afham Qoyyim in His book: in fact it was the cause of immediate sholawat love to Allah SWT wa Rosulihi SAW & can be increased many times over his love. Such love is a bond than a bond of faith, where faith is not perfect but with -.

g. Personal Tercetaknya Rosululloh SAW in the hearts of people who read sholawat.
Half of the utility to read most of it is sholawat tercetaknya Shuroh Rosululloh SAW in the heart of the reader sholawat (Sa'aadatud Daroini Page: 106).

h. Those skilled in death breathe sholawat when he dirawuhi by SAW.
"Those who reproduce the circumstances of his life to Rosululloh sholawat SAW, he managed to get a huge happiness, because when sakarotul Death Rosululloh SAW rawuh in front of him (Sa'aadatud Daroini Ha: 516).

i. Easy to see Rosulullooh saw a dream.
"Indeed sholawat reproduce with any editorial mernakai utilitarian can dream Rosululloh SAW meet, and if successful in earnest to multiply and get / sustain, so the reader can see it increased sholawat Rosululloh SAW in a state case".He almukarom Ash Shaykh al-'Arif Billah Romo KH Majid Abdoel Ma'roef Mualif sholawat Wahidiyyah said among other"Reading sholawat including worship is Sunnah of the easiest. This means that there are no specific requirements as to the other sunnah acts of worship. And given a variety of goodness is not given in the Sunnah acts of worship such as reading Qur'an, dhikr, and other sunnah prayers. Of reading the spontaneous sholawat receive sholawat Syafa'at of reading itself. Besides reading sholawat already contains dhikr, seek forgiveness, and Li-containing Ruling Qodloil intent. This does not mean by reading sholawat, do not have anything else that does not mean it but we have to'' YUKTI KULLAA Dzi HAQQIN HAQQAH ". to fill in all fields."13. Segalah kinds sholawat have an equal footing with each other but have different fadlilah - different, why?
Segalah kinds sholawat have an equal footing with each other but have different fadlilah - different, this caused a number of factors that influence the fadlilah sholawat addition of Allah Almighty and the intercession Rosululloh SAW, falilahnya nothing to do with:• Conditions Muallif sholawat especially batiniyah conditions• Structure Editor sholawat• The situation and condition of society when it is in ta'lif sholawat• The purpose sholawat in ta'lif• The situation and condition of the reader sholawat.• Adab physically and mentally when reading sholawat.14. Sort sorts sholawat can be classified in two groups, namely sholawat Ma'tsuroh sholawat Ghoiru Matsuroh. Explain!

a. Sholawat Ma'tsuroh: sholawat the direct wording of Allah SWT example sholawat Ibrohimiyah, which is bleak in the final reading Tasyahhud sholawat SAYYIDINAnya sentence is missing. This will show magnanimity Kanjeng Prophet, always simple and tawaddu, which should be in duplicate by the people, while we often read the sentence was added Sayyidina of the companions, as a statement penghormataan, ikroman mahabbatan wa.
Allah SWT says:Do not you all call / call the Prophet as well as you called / calling among you all ".Word Rosululloh SAW:."I gusti (leader) of the children of Adam are not I jut-highlight (arrogant) and I am beginning to wake people from the grave, and I was beginning to give people Syafa'at (help), and beginning the people who got syafa'atNYA, My hands and under the banner flag praise Prophet Adam's grandchildren and their children ".

b. Sholawat Ghoiru Matsuroh: sholawat ghoiro ma'tsuroh namely: that is prepared by the addition sholawat Kanjeng SWT prophet, namely: that is, by the friends, tabi'in, ailiyak, the scholars' and generally people of Islam. For example: Shollawat nariyah, munjiyat, badawi, bardah and much more. Among sholawat Wahidiyyah.
15. Various kinds of names can be divided into two parts sholawat mentioned!.Various kinds of names can be divided sholawat two parts:• The name is adapted to the purpose sholawat Ruling contained therein. for example: sholawat Wahidiyyah, Nariyyah.• adapted to name names sholawat muallifnya. For example: sholawat badawi (Compiled by priests badawi), sholawat masyisiyah (compiled by sheikh abdul salam Bin Masysyi Ghouts Zamanihi FII).16. How many kinds of editorial sholawat? mentioned!How many kinds of editorial sholawat namely:

a. Sholwat shaped like a petition to God:

b. Dihaturkan sholawat directly to his prophet Muhammad SAW for example:

c. Sholawat the wording just a word of Khobar:
SHOLLALLOHU 'Alaa Muhammad SAYYIDINAA.17. How the story read sholawat Prophet Adam to Prophet Musa and Muhammad SAWRead the story sholawat Prophet Adam and Prophet Musa to Mohammad SAW is:• The story of Prophet Adam to read sholawat Rosululloh SAW.Hadith narrated preformance (Sa'aadatud Daroini thing; 88).When the Almighty Allah 'azza, waJalla has created Prophet Adam of our ancestors, and after opening the eyes of sight, then memandanglah Prophet Adam to the' Throne and saw the word 'Muhammad' on 'PENDOP0'-NYA'ARSY, then maturlah to Allah, - : Duhai my Lord, is there a better person than I Mulya beside you. "Allah Almighty answered:" Yes, That is the name of a prophet from the descendants of your more well-MU Mulya of the engkau.Dan if not for him, I did not create the heavens, earth, heaven and hell "After Allah created the Mother Eve from Adam's rib left the U.S., the Prophet Adam and above his eyes and saw him "one makhIuq" another of her a woman so beautiful that Allah SWT give a sense of impotence to the Prophet Adam. And when it maturlah Prophet Adam to Allah SWT:Maturnya: Muhai my Lord, who the hell is it?Allah replied: 'That's Eve ".Prophet Adam: "I Kawinkanlah Yaa Allah with him".Allah SWT says: "Dare you to pay dowry?"Prophet Adam: "What is dowry?Allah SWT says: "To you who have read sholawat the name (Muhammad SAW), 10 times".Prophet Adam: "If I do that if God had wed her with me?"Allah SWT says: "That's right".Then the Prophet Adam to read sholawat ten times our Lord Kangeng Prophet Muhammad. Then reading sholawat ten times as dowry Mother Eve.. READ THE STORY OF THE PROPHET MUSA sholawat ROSULULLOH TO SAW.Narrated in the Book "Syifa'ul Asqom", Sheikh Al Hafidz Nuaem Abi tells us that there is hadeeth narrated by Allah Almighty revealed to Prophet Musa as follows:Word: Allah * "O Musa, if you want-I 'closer to you than to lesanmu kalammu nearby, so I am closer to you than the sight of your eyes to close your eyes and so I am closer to you than your spirit close to your body. ?Prophet Musa replied: "My Lord duhai true".The word of Allah: "Expand read sholawat the Prophet Muhammad-KU"

History sholawat Badar

Badar sholawatBadr is a series sholawat sholawat contains tawassul by the name of Allah, the Lord the Holy Prophet and teristimewanya mujahideen fighters of Badr.
This is the work sholawat Kiyai Ali Mansur, who is the grandson of Haji Muhammad Siddiq Kiyai, Jember. By that, Kiyai 'Ali Mansur was the son of brother / keponakanKiyai Qushayri Haji Ahmad, great scholar and author of the book "" Tanwir al-Hija "which has disyarahkan by leading scholars Haramain, Habib' Alawi ibn 'Abbas bin' Abdul 'Aziz al-Maliki al-Hasani, with jodol "Inarat ad-Duja".
Told that the origin of this work was written by Kiyai 'Ali Mansur about the year 1960, when Indonesia faced vilification of Muslims of the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI).
At that time, Kiyai 'Ali is the head of the Office of the Ministry of Religious Banyuwangi and also an Executive Branch of NU in situ.
A tense political situation and the depravity of the CPI was rampant mass murder, even many who fall prey to their chaplain, then in the liver terlintaslah Kiyai 'Ali, who is adept at making poetry' Arab nyantri at boarding school since Lirboyo Kediri, to write an essay as a means of bermunajat invoke Allah Almighty to help reduce the time for political slander Muslims, especially Indonesia.
In such circumstances, Kiyai 'Ali in his sleep he fell asleep and dreamed men in white robes - green, and on the same night, the wife of the Prophet he bermimpikan Kanjeng After lunch, Kiyai 'Ali went straight to meet with Habib Hadi al-Haddar Banyuwangi and tells the story of his dream. Habib Hadi stated that human beings are cloaked experts Badr. Hearing these glorious Habib, Kiyai 'Ali more determined to make up a poem that is linked to the Badr fighters. Last night, Kiyai 'Ali runs his pen to write a paper that was then known as "al-Badriyyah sholawat" or "sholawat Badr". The surprising thing happened the next day, the village people came to his house to carry rice and other foodstuffs. They told him that morning at dawn they had been visited by people in white robes told them to go to the home Kiyai 'Ali to help him kerana there will be an event held at his home. That's why they came up with the goods according to their abilities. more astonishing is that in the evening, there are some foreigners who make the preparation of the event, but most people do not recognize who they are.
Towards the next morning, a group headed by Habib habaib 'Ali bin' Abdur Rahman al-Ethiopia Kwitang suddenly came to the house Kiyai 'Ali without first going to tell his arrival. Not reflected the excitement Kiyai 'Ali receiving the special guests. After starting the conversation about the news and the state of Muslims, all of a sudden Habib 'Ali Kwitang asked about the poem written by Kiyai' Ali is. Of course Kiyai 'Ali was surprised that his work was known only to himself and not disseminated to anyone. But he knows, this is one of the sacredness Habib 'Ali was known as Wali Allah. Then, without saying much, Kiyai 'Ali Mansur took the paper and read poems written by the presence of the audience with a loud and melodious voice. The audience and hear the solemn habaib while tears drip with emotion. Having been read by Kiyai sholawat Badar Ali, Habib 'Ali Badar sholawat be called for in the face of defamation means bermunajat PKI. So since then magnified work Kiyai 'Ali is.
Furthermore, Habib 'Ali has mengundan Kwitang scholars and habaib to Kwitang for one meeting, one of whom was invited Kiyai' Ali Ahmad Mansur with his uncle Kiyai Qushayri. During the meeting, Kiyai 'Ali once again be asked to carry a sholawat al-Badriyyah gubahannya it. Then get famous and spread of this broad is sholawat Badar in the community and become popular reading in the majlis-majlis gatherings and meetings. So it's no wonder that until now has always Popular Shalawat Badar. in the Assembly Taklim Habib Ali bin Abdurrahman himself in Kwitang Alhabsyi never lived Shalawat Badar reading it every week. for more details about this story teman2 MR mailing list and my friends and sisters can read a book entitled "History anthology Uswah NU Amaliah term" compiled by H. Soeleiman Fadeli and Muhammad Subhan. may Allah give the best of both reward and response for the author and the Badr sholawat habaib participating Shalawat popularize them to us Muslims. Al-Fatihah .....
Sholawat a full moon, pernghormatan, praise, recognition and gratitude for the Martyrs of the Battle of Badr. Things like this do well at the time of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam to the accompaniment of tambourines, as portrayed in the following hadith
[47.76] / 4750 has told us Musaddad has told us Bishr bin Al Mufadldlal has told us Khalid bin Dzakwan he said; Ar Rubayyi bint Mu'awwidz bin 'Afran said; one occasion, the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wasallam and enter when I build Mahligai household (married). Then he sat on my bed, as the position of your seat from me. Then the female slaves were beating tambourines and reminisce about the features soldiers who died during the battle of Badr. Then one of them said, "And in our midst there is a prophet, who knows what will happen tomorrow." Then he said: "Leave this phrase, and say what you want to say."Sources:
Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasallam correct only the words "And in our midst there is a prophet, who knows what will happen tomorrow" because he knew the extent of the revealed, but he does not prohibit the expression of love (sholawat) as we wish to express the statement "let's say What you have to say "
Useful for pious charity (good deeds) only once to enliven a crowd / meeting.
Could be in place when the charity has no property that could disedakahkan
Of Abu Dhar r.a. said, that the friends of the Prophet. said to him: "O Messenger of Allah., rich people have been left with many rewards. They pray as we pray, they fast as we fast, but they can give alms to the advantages of fortune. "Messenger of Allah. said, "Has not God made you something that can wherewithal? That is, each time the rosary is a charity, every tahmid is charity, every tahlil is charity, told the goodness is charity, forbidding munkar is charity, and your intimate relationship (with wife) is a charity. "The Companions asked," O Allah, what is one of us to vent syahwatnya and he be rewarded? "Messenger of Allah. replied, "What do you think if he vent syahwatnya on illicit, if he sinned? Likewise, if out on a lawful, then he gets the reward. "(Narrated by Muslim)